Managing Change Successfully

This website provides detailed guidance on how to manage and deliver successful change projects. Based on a four-stage process, it provides relevant information, tools and templates to ensure the right level of support is available to anyone leading or managing change.


Why do we need the Change Guide?

The way the railway operates is changing. The industry is working together to improve reliability and safety, increase capacity, and reduce costs, all to make sure it works for customers and keeps up with increasing demand.

Change can be unsettling for some people and the challenge of implementing change is often underestimated, especially when it involves new ways of working or the introduction of new technology. People need help to prepare for change, and to understand why it is needed. To help introduce change successfully, an industry wide team has developed a practical tool called the Change Guide.

What is the Change Guide?

The Change Guide has been developed as a response to the need for people focused Change Management and has been jointly produced by industry and Network Rail.

The Change Guide enables organisations to implement successful change by identifying, assessing and managing impacts of change on people and organisations. It comprises assessments, guidance, templates, best practice in Change Management and the previously published Industry People Strategy document. The industry supported Industry People Strategy provides guidance on skills, employee relations, attraction & retention and training.

Why should you use this?

The Change Guide is based upon the principles of Change Management, which outline how to assess the impacts of the change on people and how to manage it effectively. Without putting people at the heart of the change the success rate of change programmes reduces significantly. This Guide will help you support people by providing them with the right tools and support to adapt and work in the new environment.

Manage Change Successfully

The Change Guide contains guidance notes, templates, assessments, tools and techniques for Project Managers and/or Change Managers. The guide helps by breaking down change into four simple phases that can be used flexibly.

Phase One, “Scoping”, helps create the vision for change, and align teams around the need to do things differently.
Phase Two is the “Assessment” of the impact of change and what’s needed to achieve it.
Phase Three focuses on “Design” – the activities needed to make changes happen
Phase Four helps create a step-by-step plan to “implement’ the change and make it sustainable.

Whatever your challenge, the Guide provides you with change management best practice within one framework.

How The Guide Can Help You

Change Manager – The products in this Change Guide will enable a Change Manager to apply best practice Change Management processes to their project or programme to facilitate maximum benefit realisation

Project Manager – The Change Guide products are available to support his or her existing set of processes.

Sponsor – A Project Sponsor may find the products in this Guide beneficial for helping justify the financial benefits of a Change Programme or project.

Anyone involved in a change project or programme – Anyone in the rail industry facing some degree of change within their organisation may find the simplicity and ease of use of the Guide products very beneficial.

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